Pedestrian Detour on Bladensburg Road

ATTENTION PEDESTRIANS & CYCLISTS:  There are two pedestrian bridges alongside Bladensburg Road at Dueling Creek (between Port Towns Shopping Center and Fort Lincoln Cemetery) . . . one on the Cottage City side and one on the Colmar Manor side.  Both pedestrian bridges are currently closed for repair and/or replacement.  Maryland State Highway Administration has established a detour for pedestrians & cyclists.  Safe passage is available on the Cottage City side of Bladensburg Road at Dueling Creek.  Please use the crosswalks at 38th Street and in front of Xtra Fuels at 3556 Bladensburg Road (see map) to access the detour.

Officials from both towns are working closely with the State Highway Administration and other involved agencies as the projects progress forward.  The pedestrian bridge on the Colmar Manor side is expected to re-open late this year.  Replacement of the pedestrian bridge on the Cottage City side will take much longer.


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